Groupe Velegda sarl

An solid agro business company with high ambitions

Welcoming remarks

We wish to confirm hereby that we are happy to count you among our customers. Know that we are trying to meet with people like you personal bonds of trust. Also, do not hesitate to contact us, in our customer is sacred! Thanking you for making the right choice.
Dear Customer / Dear Client, welcome.

A Corporate Citizen

Operating in a country firmly involved in the fight against poverty, Groupe VELEGDA regulary contribute to solidarity action aiming at providing support to the disadvantaged people:

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Groupe VELEGDA built, over the years, a solid reputation that goes beyond the borders of Burkina Faso. they also developed and strengthened partnersships with national and international institutions.

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To boost sales in retail and semi-wholesale, the Groupe VELEGDA allows these customers now order and pay for their products online. Payment is simple, secure and delivery is assured.

Online purchase


For the diversification of its activities, the Groupe VELEGDA has established representations in the country and abroad.

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In the short term, Groupe VELEGDA is planning to extend its distribution network in the sub region and at the international level.

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Word of the president

I am Mamounata B. VELEGDA, President of the group.

I would simply want to translate all my gratitude to all the members of the group, which arranges no effort as for the achievement of our objectives. I repeat them all my satisfaction because I know that without them, I would not know how to arrive at this stage. I thank all partners, customers and representatives, for the confidence which it grants me. I know that any human work is not completed but I would want to apologize to any natural or legal entity which I had to offend. Certainly the work is important but we must know how to recognize our errors and ask for the leniency of God. Especially I wish that it has a perfect social cohesion within my group. We form a family to GROUPE VELEGDA. I consider every member of the team as being a part of the family. I encourage to them especially to be humble and to double efforts because a good work is the fruit of a whole team. I wish that the peace, the harmony, the solidarity, love, the tolerance reign there. In all nice women of whole world I wish them some courage and I invite them to persevere, because only the work pays. There is no jump jobs. I practically made everything. Only it is necessary to be humble and patient.




The cereal is one of the categories of products involved in major import, export and marketing of Groupe VELEGDA

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Raw products

The raw products like Arabic gum, Oleaginous, Soja, Tamarin, Sesame, Cashew and the many other products in this category are collected and marketed by Groupe VELEGDA.

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Manufactured products

The VELEGDA Group is one of the companies that imports the top quality of manufactured products in Burkina Faso. In the shops, you will find cooking oil, pasta, sugar, ...

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Collection and

The main activity of the Group VELEGDA, it required a lot of ways. Today the company has all the resources needed to produce, collect and store large quantities of products such as grains and raw products to the market in the country, with neighboring countries, worldwide.

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Today, has Groupe VELEGDA cleaning units (six cleaning machines) for cleaning cereals and especially the raw products like Sesame. This has an impact on the quality of products the company winds its customers; indeed marketed products are of better quality.

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Import/Export Transport

Moreover princiales of production, collection and marketing, Groupe VELEGDA embarked on import and export quality products. The company in this context, moreover ensures the transport of these products to retain its national customers, customers of the West African sub-region and around the world

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